Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) System

Compact solution for Upstream applications

Power Conversion’s Voltage Source inverters (VSI) are available for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) systems, for offshore and onshore applications.

When combined with an electrical submersible moto-pump, either based on induction or permanent magnet technology, our MV6 or MV7 drives based solution presents many advantages:

  • No need for a step-up transformer thanks to our equipment’s capacity to provide the required voltage, up to 13.8 kV
  • With less equipment needed, our solutions are more compact –gain in weight and footprint– and more reliable
  • Capability to drive several motors with a single unit
Electrical Submersible Pumps system

Power capacity

  • Up to 10 MW with a single VSI drive panel
  • Up to and 13.8 kV output motor voltage
  • N+1 power cells redundancy

Available topologies

  • Diode Front End (DFE)
  • Active Front End (AFE) with reactive power generation & power factor control up to unit
  • Transformer-less up to 13.8 kV –for reduced footprint, higher reliability, efficiency and improved grid quality

It is available with air-or water-cooling system. We also propose grid harmonics study and cable study.


  • High efficiency: 95%+
  • Full flexibility -Speed range from 0 to 105%
  • Full flexibility available in terms of power demand, up to 10 MW
  • Very high starting and operating reliability and availability: starting time <1 min
  • Emission-free solutions/Fit with environmental restrictions
  • Minimum maintenance period over life cycle
  • Low operation maintenance cost
  • Suitable for most areas, incl. with limited power availability
  • Real-time simulation for efficient commissioning