Ship’s Electric Grid

For connectivity of energy sources to a vessel’s different power consumers, GE Power Conversion’s Ship’s Electric Grid is the safe way to generate, distribute and manage electric power, where and when it’s needed.

Flexible Solutions

Alongside GE’s complete range of electric power equipment, the Ship’s Electric Grid incorporates the brains of the system – advanced and increasingly autonomous and smart automation, control and power management systems.

General Electric

AC Architectures

  • Standardized but highly flexible, open and configurable

  • Secure, easy to protect and interface AC electrical machines and shore power connections in the Ship’s Electric Grid

  • Suitable for both low voltage (LV) and medium-high voltage networks on the vessel. Ideal for integration of transformers.
General Electric

GE’s Advanced AC, enhanced by the latest power electronics

  • Can incorporate variable speed generation with link convertors, and energy storage with simple DC links

  • Active filtering reduces harmonics and fault limiting can reduce fault current

  • Highly resilient power network.
General Electric

DC Architecture

  • Distribution at DC level, where effectively all elements share the DC link or bus

  • Like Advanced AC, DC architectures facilitate integration of energy storage and variable speed generation

  • Modern DC architectures are well suited to LV networks.

  • Easy to synchronize, they deploy fault limiting electronics, fuses and off load disconnects to improve protection.

  • Power electronics provide AC supplies for ship services etc.


GE Supports Engineering Excellence in the UK

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