SeaGreen Battery Energy Storage System

for Marine Applications

Modern marine power systems require solutions to meet the industry’s drive towards decarbonization while still meeting challenging performance and class society criteria. These requirements challenge the marine industry to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


Vessels are increasingly turning to hybrid solutions, integrating stored energy into the ship’s power network to reduce dependence on fuel-burning power supplies, like diesel gensets.

Working towards a cleaner maritime environment

SeaGreen Energy Storage is particularly suited to vessels with variable operating profiles and power loads to avoid over-sizing the power network just for peak load, with options for both new ships or vessel upgrades to help comply with EEXI. SeaGreen Energy Storage can even enable ‘engines-off’ functionality for ‘clean ship’ operation in ports and docks.

General Electric

GE uses its deep experience of cost-effective, energy-efficient ship’s power and propulsion networks:

  • Provide a simple, integrated, scalable power and energy system
  • Manage energy sources according to load demand
  • AC or DC architecture options
  • Applications in all vessel types requiring cycling operations-Integrated or modular containerized options
General Electric

SeaGreen BESS can be configured to operate in any or all of these five operating modes.

Some modes can be selected in parallel

  • Such as dynamic support and UPS.
  • Energy storage options tailored to suit the level and duration of power required.
  • Batteries or options for other energy store devices, like supercapacitors or fuel cells.
  • Option for land-based integration testing at full scale and load.
General Electric


GE to Provide SeaGreen™ Energy Storage System for One of the First PSV Hybrid Retrofits in the Americas

Marine systems portfolio

General Electric

Land-based System Test & Emulation

At the heart of GE Power Conversion’s Marine business lies a 4.5 acre, dedicated, full power, land-based test facility. The Marine Power Test Facility plays a crucial role in de-risking present and future power and propulsion technologies, systems and from product development and verification through to complete, full-scale integrated power and propulsion systems.

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General Electric

Seagreen PTO/PTI

The SeaGreen™ PTO/PTI system is an effective, simple way of creating an electric hybrid on a ship, and helps ship owners improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and meet environmental regulations.

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General Electric

Seagreen Fuel Cell Systems

With an ever-increasing focus on maritime sector decarbonization, clean marine technologies are high on the maritime industry’s agenda, and a differentiator for our customers’ vessels to stay competitive.

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General Electric

Seajet Podded Propulsion

GE’s SEAJET podded propulsion system is the ideal choice of electric propulsion for applications where maneuverability, efficiency or space constraints are very important. The electric motor is housed in the hull-mounted pod under the ship and directly connected to the propeller, freeing up cargo and operational space in the ship.  Through system efficiency, total fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are reduced.

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Shore Power Connections

Regulation on pollution, emissions and noise in ports is becoming more and more stringent.  The resulting requirement for port electrification and higher return on existing assets puts greater demand on ageing infrastructure and increased requirement for use of alternative clean energy supplies.

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