Port Solutions

Regulation on pollution, emissions and noise in ports is becoming more stringent. Add to this increased demand for electrical power, there is more pressure on operators to optimize and update energy infrastructures. We work with customers across their ports' electrification needs, whether helping to improve existing assets or to increase energy efficiency through energy management systems and microgrids, shore-to-ship connections and alternative clean energy supplies.


Shore to Ship Power Solution

Onshore electrical power connections reduce the emissions associated with the consumption of polluting fuels that would otherwise be used to power vessels docked in port.

Power Conversion’s onshore power solution enables a vessel to switch off its auxiliary engines when at berth and plug into electric power from the port itself. This enables port owners and operators to improve the environmental footprint of the facility whilst maintaining efficiency.

In addition to accommodating the increasing traffic at ports a smart investment in infrastructure which provides a shore-side power connection will take you a step closer to achieving a zero-emissions berth standard. This system can also provide improved flexibility to cater for both 50Hz and 60Hz vessels.

Power Conversion also provides ship-based connections as part of its ship electrification systems.

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Decentralized Shore to Ship

A decentralized shore to ship power solution can provide an island type architecture and with it an inherent redundancy within the overall shore to ship power system. Power Conversion’s shore to ship power solutions are enabling ports to achieve:

  • Reduced emissions and noise pollution
  • Compliance with shoreside electricity requirements
  • Additional business opportunities with increased ability to cater for new ships
  • Opportunity of early payback of investment by selling electricity to vessel operator

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As demands for electric power at ports go up, but opportunities emerge to add new, cleaner energy sources and create port microgrids, smart, digital energy management will help maximize availability power and efficiencies.

Clean Maritime Demonstration

With a grant awarded from the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, co-funded by industry and the UK government's Department for Transport and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK, Power Conversion has partnered with PD Ports on an innovative project exploring the use of cloud-based, integrated, digitalized solutions to revolutionize energy management within ports.

Alongside our project partners Teesside University and Connected Places Catapult, we are studying how ports can become electrified, using a cloud-based solution that simultaneously reduces costs and emissions.

This project will look at how the port uses energy in the future and provide insight into how the shipping industry could reduce its impact on the environment.

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Power Conversion - reducing emissions at ports by helping to manage power and energy more efficiently.

With project partners PD Ports  Ltd, Connected Places Catapult and Teesside University, Power Conversion’s cloud-based, integrated digital concept aims to improve situational awareness on energy supply and demand. Benefitting from PD Ports’ data has enabled the team to create operational scenarios to carry out testing using an emulated digital twin platform. 

Clean Maritime Demonstration
Hydrogen Applications

Power Conversion is positioned to address hydrogen (H2) applications that support carbon neutrality. We provide electrical solutions and EBoP for H2 electrolysis and compression applications including DC supplies and converters, power quality, high speed motors and integrated compressor lines. These are captured within our Energy Management Systems (EMS) which help to increase production efficiency. Our technical and application experience offers customers value through the integration of power electronics, rotating equipment, controls, and energy management.

MVDC Microgrids

As we shift to a low carbon economy Power Conversion’s MVDC solution provides alternatives for electrifying offshore platforms whilst facilitating the integration of offshore renewable resources to accommodate future demand and growth. We provide solutions up to 200 MW (transmission), typically through an energy island/hub, used to accommodate remote loads and which help to improve the quality of the electric grid connection whilst providing flexibility, reliability, and high efficiency. At the centre of Power Conversion’s MVDC power transmission technology is the MM7 Modular Multilevel Converter, incorporating cutting-edge power electronics which help to improve efficiency, control accuracy and operational flexibility.


Commissioning milestone in 2023 for innovative SeaGreen™ shore power system at the busy port of Brest, France.

Power Conversion welcomes double success with projects for the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition

Power Conversion: Clean Maritime Demonstrator Competition winner