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Integrated power conversion solution for solar and battery energy storage applications.

Enable reliable, cost effective and dispatchable power

GE Vernova has accumulated more than 24 gigawatts of total global installed base and backlog for its inverter technology* and led the development of the first 1,500-volt introduced to the solar market. GE Vernova also has 15+ years of experience in solar & storage systems. Building on this proven energy technology, GE Vernova’s FLEXINVERTER brings GE Vernova’s technology leadership together with its system integration capabilities to deliver a complete solar and battery energy storage power conversion solution. The FLEXINVERTER platform provides a configurable solution that can help reduce CAPEX, OPEX and helps to ensure more reliable plant performance.

Plug & Play

Improved, containerized solar and BESS solution for ease of logistics and reduced on-site installation and commissioning

Night-time / Idle-time Disconnect

Avoid up to 15GWh of the main transformer no-load losses over plant lifetime (based on our calculations for a 100MW plant over 25 years)

Digital Ready

Integrates with GE Vernova’s FLEXIQ for smooth asset management improving return on investment and helping to reduce operating risk

DC or AC coupled configuration

Flexible configurations for Solar + BESS applications

Dispatchable reactive power

Deploy reactive power resources any time, day or night

Grid Forming & Black Start

Voltage source control, grid forming or black start

Maximizing lifetime value and driving down LCOE/LCOS

From hardware building blocks to system design and integration, the FLEXINVERTER platform enabled through digital, with a focus on logistics, ease of installation and commissioning, helps our customers reduce LCOE/LCOS, start-up risks and improve overall reliability of the asset in solar and battery energy storage applications.

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Complete power conversion solution

GE Vernova’s FLEXINVERTER Power Station combines GE Vernova’s inverter, with medium voltage power transformer, optional MV Ring Main Unit (RMU), auxiliary transformer and various options within a single 20ft ISO high-cube container.

This containerized solution delivers a reliable, cost-effective, plug & play, factory integrated power conversion system platform for utility scale solar and battery energy storage applications

  • FLEXINVERTER Solar/BESS Power Station

    FLEXINVERTER Solar/BESS Power Station
  • FLEXINVERTER Standalone

    FLEXINVERTER Standalone
  • FLEXIQ Plant Control

    FLEXIQ Plant Control
  • Services Offering

    Services Offering



  • 4.1 – 4.7 MW, high power density

  • Option to get two inverters into one transformer for 7-8MW

  • AC & DC coupling configuration option

  • High efficiency

  • Plug & play with Night-time/Idle-time Disconnect option

  • Outdoor UL / IEC installation options

  • ISO high cube 20ft container

  • BESS system configurations up to 20 MVA+

  • FLEXIQ enabled


  • 4.1 - 4.7 MW, high power density

  • Option to get two inverters into one transformer for 7-8MW

  • AC & DC coupling configuration option

  • Advanced grid features and reactive power control, day and night for grid stabilization

  • IEC and UL compliance

  • ISO Tricon container for optimized logistics

  • Grid-code compliance and high-fidelity models

  • FLEXIQ enabled

FLEXIQ Plant Control

  • Provides integration for standalone PV, PV + BESS, and PV + BESS + wind configurations.

  • Accommodates AC and DC coupling as well as standalone configurations.

  • Manages voltage, power factor, and reactive power capabilities to meet overall plant grid requirements.

  • Incorporates PV signals into the overall plant level SCADA.

Services Offering

GE Vernova is uniquely positioned with a broad portfolio of services including transactional and Long-Term Services agreement (LTSA) that ensure the highest level of availability, sustainability and efficiency for Solar Power and BESS operations.

  • Extended service agreements up to 20 years.

  • Installation support & Commissioning Service.

  • Maintenance & Repair

  • Modernizations & Upgrades

  • Spare Parts & Obsolescence Management

  • Product Training

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