Spare parts packages

Commissioning spare parts packages

Backed by our 100 years+ experience of commissioning several thousands of drives and rotating machines, our commissioning parts packages enable a smooth installation, commissioning and start-up of your equipment. Typical components are controllers, electronic cards, electrical fuses and specific tools or calibration equipment.

Operational spare parts packages

Operational spare parts packages cover basic needs during your first few years of operation of the equipment, including consumables and wear and tear parts for improved availability and efficiency of your equipment.

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Insurance spare parts packages

The insurance spare parts package is usually tailored to your equipment and operational process. It will cover your risks against failures that do not occur frequently over the lifecycle of your equipment. This package is similar to an "insurance policy" and will significantly reduce risk of production losses and downtime in case of a failure event. It is particularly key for operations that needs to run 24/7. The insurance spare parts package is characterized by:

  • High operational impact if not available,
  • Long replacement lead time,
  • Unpredictable time of demand

Recommended spare parts List (RSPL)

Recommended spare parts list (RSPL) is a comprehensive list of spare parts needed to perform most equipment repairs and maintenance activities. Our RSPL includes replacement parts for wear and tear items, as well as a cost-efficient combination of commissioning spares, operational spares, and insurance spares. This recommendation of spare parts can be made by our best experts understanding your operational needs, critical components and working with you on the adequate risk analysis.

Maintenance spare parts packages

This spare package contains all required spare parts for your product or system, in order to perform minor or major maintenance inspections recommended by GE Power Conversion as the OEM. These maintenance are required to ensure availability, avoid repair measures and reduce unplanned outages related to equipment failures.

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