Turbines Replacement

Replacing steam or gas turbines with electric systems can help save costs and improve performance

Oil & Gas companies are tightening their grip on costs and evaluating new ways to improve efficiency while reducing carbon intensity. Rotating machines process trains (such as compressors, blowers or pumps) are an important area for achieving potential process optimization. Previously these process trains could be driven by gas or steam turbines. Today electrification represents most likely the best solution on both maximizing efficiency and reducing emissions without compromising on reliability. —replacing old turbines with electric systems offers clear benefits like increased process efficiency and shutdown maintenance interval hence lowering operational costs.

Reducing CO2 and NOx emissions

Electrification of rotating machines trains is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective way to cut carbon footprint of plants reaching even net zero target for the train when combined with renewable sources. The way to net zero is simpler and more efficient going with electrification rather than going with CCS systems.

Increasing efficiency, reducing OPEX

Considering the full value chain, from feedstock to the shaft end power, GE’s turbine replacement solution is always min 14% more efficient than a steam turbine solution and minimum 20% more efficient than a gas turbine solution.

Suitable for critical processes, high reliability

GE’s turbine replacement solution is tailor made according to the criticality of the process, and suitable, for the most stringent requirements, to run continuously with a definite number of years of continuous operation without planned maintenance. Take advantage of the single point of contact GE Power Conversion is providing to replace your turbines. Contact us now by clicking on the link below.

GE’s technology

GE's Variable Speed Drive Systems (VSDS) feature a unique combination of Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and a high-speed motor to help increase reliability and availability of VSD systems. Thanks to the compactness of its high-speed motors, GE solution offers a smaller or similar footprint and preserves the plant layout in constrained environments, allowing a smooth plant integration.

General Electric


  • High efficiency: 95%+
  • Full flexibility -Speed range from 0 to 105%
  • Full flexibility available in terms of power demand
  • Very high starting and operating reliability and availability: starting time <1 min
  • Emission-free solutions/Fit with environmental restrictions
  • Low noise: Usually between 85 and 90 dB(A)
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Reduced pipework requirement
  • Minimum maintenance period over life cycle
  • Low operation maintenance cost
  • Suitable for most areas, incl. with limited power availability
  • Dismantling & installation during shutdown period
  • Full engineering inc. site survey and train rotodynamic study
  • Real-time simulation for efficient commissioning


GE Selected as a Strategic Global Supplier by Shell for High-Speed Solutions

GE successfully delivered Electrical Solutions to Shell’s Petrochemical Plant in the Netherlands