Preventive Maintenance
of your drives

OEM recommended maintenance practices for optimum operation

GE has developed, built, and commissioned thousands of drives. We continue to maintain many of them as part of a planned cycle of maintenance and when customers have an unplanned outage, we help them get back online as fast as possible. As an OEM with over 125 years of engineering expertise, we are your partner of choice to perform preventive maintenance services for your drives.

Understanding performance of your drives

Systematic regular maintenance of drives helps ensure efficient operation and reduces the risk of failures. GE offers structured inspections and planned maintenance programs tailored to the operating environment of the drives. GE offers two types of preventive maintenance programs:

  • Preventive “Performance” Maintenance (annual/ periodical), including basic visual inspections and performance checks of drives.
  • Preventive “Major” Maintenance (once every 5 years), including advanced visual inspections and performance checks of drives and systematic replacement of parts.

The outcomes from preventive maintenance help you establish a baseline for future maintenance activities, increase plant availability, improve uptime and parts availability.


  • Assessment of present condition of drives
  • Reduced risk of unplanned outages

During Preventive Maintenance service, GE will:

  • Perform & record preventive actions according to a prescribed schedule of checks/tests to the drives,
  • Identify operational and safety critical issues,
  • Provide recommendations on:
    • Critical spare parts that you should consider holding;
    • Replacements for obsolete components;
    • Upgrade packages appropriate to your drive;
    • New features that help improve performance and availability of your installed base