High current rectifiers

GE Power Conversion's high-current rectifier systems are an optimized and flexible solution to meet large scale solutions for many heavy industrial processes such as electrochemical, hydrogen production and other specialized applications. Our offering will support configurations from 0 kA to 45 kA of DC output current.

The high current carrying DC busbar system is designed to interconnect thyristor rectifier and the customer DC system. We provide air-cooled and liquid-cooled building blocks with currents up to 17 kA and 45 kA respectively.

Our Powersemi high power 6P thyristor-controlled rectifier is used for AC to DC conversion. The number of 6P thyristor bridges can be varied based on the DC output current requirements. Each 6P thyristor bridge is connected to a step-down transformer for isolation. Phase shifting of the secondary side of the transformer windings allow for a smooth distribution of the harmonics on the primary side.

A common step-down Power Transformer and AC main breaker is used to vary the input voltage grid connection available between 30 kV up to 66 kV. GE Power Conversion's high-current rectifier systems are based on a well-known and proven design that ensures high reliability and easy maintainability.


  • Press-pack SCR (Thyristors or IGBT)
  • Well-known design
  • Front access(5 MVA type) or around access (25 MVA)
  • Air-cooled (5 MVA type) and water-cooled (25 MVA type)