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Hydro is playing a significant role for the future of CO2 neutral energy. The hydro industry and its technologies will have to meet the growing need for system flexibility to integrate the increasing share of variable renewable electricity. It is facing growing challenges of increasing grid availability, maximizing efficiency, improving power quality and reliability, and increasing the existing storage capacity with variable speed applications and scalable solutions to address these complex market needs.

Each large hydro power plant project is unique. With our full range of water to wire solutions, we help you to optimize grid performance, reduce system and operating cost, enhance energy output and lower overall project risk by benefiting from our enterprise synergies and proven track record in hydro power.

Power Conversion’s variable speed drive solutions for Pumped Storage Power Plants (PSPP) enable up to 10% more power production in turbine mode and up to 15% reduction in electricity consumption in pump mode. We offer all power conversion and grid integration equipment for large hydro power plants i.e., pumped storage, run-off-river and tidal applications, from their design and optimization to manufacturing, installation and commissioning, as well as lifetime services.


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