DC drives


Our drives employ proven hardware used by Power Conversion in demanding industrial applications. With its structured design, it aims highest engineering efficiency, reduced downtimes, increased system reliability, improved process control and reduces total installed project costs.

Power Conversion offers a fully integrated DC drive retrofit package that lets you extend the life cycle of your existing DC drive systems and defer moving to AC drive technology until scheduling and budget constraints can be addressed. At the same time, it lets you improve drive system reliability and performance while reducing total installed cost and disruption to production. We take a complete system approach, combining field engineering expertise with our exceptional drives and control products. Our fully engineered drive solutions for coordinated drive and complex control applications can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of your processes.

Power Conversion offers a range of products to support projects that require DC armature supplies, digital firing circuit retrofits, and generator/motor field applications. We support you from start to finish with project management, application engineering, hardware and software engineering, system testing, technical direction of installation, commissioning and spare parts.

Our drives are compatible with multiple interface protocols. For customers with older Power Conversion and non-Power Conversion drives, our engineering drive solution enables a phased upgrade to next generation technology, without having to replace complete systems and large subsystems.


  • Mitigating Platform Obsolescence via the use of an easily replaceable industrial computer as drive controller and off the shelf non-proprietary components.
  • Open Connectivity for easy integration to existing master control via the use of non-proprietary networks such as EGD, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet, and others upon request.
  • No ribbon cables or special harnesses to connect drive components together. The Power Conversion design eliminates points of failure inherent in other designs utilizing ribbon cables and wiring harnesses to connect multiple cards and components.
  • Reducing operating expense via the use of low parts count design minimizing spare parts inventory.
  • Expandable SW and HW Drive IO via a configurable SW interface and third-party IO.
  • Proven HW and SW Design via a common approach to all Power Conversion Drive products and Automation Systems. This platform has been used for over 20 years, easy to perform upgrades by maintaining backwards compatibility in all versions and new releases.
  • Updating control and gating system while having the option of retaining the existing Power Conversion or third-party power stacks.



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