Spare Parts

Reducing the risk of extended outages and improving your equipment uptime

Despite your best efforts to maintain electrical drives, automation systems and rotating machines, unforeseen outages are inevitable. Spares, and more specifically spares availability is therefore a critical enabler to maintain your equipment. Defining the optimal investment in spare parts aligned to your operational needs is key. Having spare parts available on site compatible with your equipment will save downtime from a few days up to several weeks or months.


As one of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of electrical drives and rotating machines, GE Power Conversion can undertake a thorough business risk analysis for you, based on the criticality of each component for your specific operational process and the related spares delivery lead time. Our experts can work with you to design an optimal spares strategy over time & spares packages to help reduce your downtime and improve your equipment availability. Packages may include commissioning, operational, insurance and/or maintenance spare packages as well as emergency or inventory refill packages. Your spares strategy might also include the overhaul and reconditioning of parts, parts repair and/or spare parts management.

Spares packages key benefits are the following:

  • Commissioning spare parts
  • Operational spare parts for day-to-day operations
  • Insurance recommended spare parts based on criticality, lead time & potential system redundancies or lack thereof
  • Maintenance spare parts

Why work with your OEM on your spare parts strategy?

OEM parts are designed to the same high standards as in the initial delivered equipment. Only with OEM parts you can be sure of compliance with the required international standards including safety as well as the compatibility with your customized operational system. Typically, after-market or replacement parts in contrast have a reduced life cycle, resulting in frequent replacements and unplanned downtime.