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Here in GE we’re collaborating with leading global ship designers from vessel conception to delivery, pushing the limits of the vessel feature set and driving new operational efficiencies that deliver greener and more cost-effective ships from the outset.

GE’s SeaLab brings together the company’s expertise (analysis and tools) and solutions (products and systems) from across the GE Store to work directly with leading naval architects and vessel designers to enable the creation of better ships through design. GE’s experts combine decades of experience with ultra-modern software modelling tools to analyse a vessel’s anticipated operational profile, optimizing the design from the offset. GE has the ability to test the performance of a ship’s systems, from power systems, propulsion systems to advanced features like dynamic positioning against mathematical models, and against different combinations of weather and other marine conditions, to assess and refine vessel performance. 

Vessel Performance Analyzer (VesPA)

VesPA, GE's real-time configurator, is a key part of the SeaLab environment. It helps design the entire electrical system to power and propel a vessel, optimizing thrust and power to ensure the best performance while meeting environmental targets. VesPA allows shipbuilders to simulate and compare multiple electrical configurations at the design stage and select the optimal configuration based on the specific vessel’s performance requirements.

It also allows to calculate the corresponding annual operating expenditure, to reduce both fuel consumption and operational expenditures.

VesPA enables us to work with you to design an entire electrical system to power and propel a vessel to meet your needs in real time – previously a process which could take some weeks – within hours we offer a more robust design functionality than ever before… faster.


  • Optimize thruster ratings to meet an environmental target
  • Recommend best electrical configuration to minimize thrust and power
  • Recommend best thruster electrical layout to maximize capability
  • Size engines to deliver power to meet thrust demands
  • Optimize engine ratings to minimize OPEX for a defined profile 
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Visor Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

GE Power Conversion's Visor solution allows for real time remote monitoring of assets by GE experts based anywhere in the world allowing for an increased response time when it is needed the most.

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