Visor Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Delivering Value with Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

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Power Conversion's Visor solution allows for real time remote monitoring of assets by Power Conversion experts based anywhere in the world allowing for an increased response time when it is needed the most.

The embedded Data Historian enables access to historical data for advanced trending and data mining with the ability to provide automatic alerts when assets enter a degraded state.

We believe data driven decisions are key, that’s why we offer monthly/quarterly health reports created from the data collected within Visor by trained experts*.

*Monthly reports are subject to a service agreement between Power Conversion and the end user

Lifecycle Services

Through a combination of the powerful remote access and inbuilt Data Historian GE’s Visor system enables a series of lifecycle services:

  • Commissioning support from remote experts
  • Spare parts management
  • Upgrade support
  • Remote training
  • Remote technical support & engineering
  • Service agreement specific features:
    • Health reports
    • Automatic fault notifications
    • Dashboards

Now, your systems can be remotely monitored—and issues diagnosed—safely and securely through Services+ Visor Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics (RM&D) system.

General Electric

Available Configurations

General Electric

Read Only

This version of Visor allows Engineers non-destructive read only access to data and engineering tools for monitoring only. Hardware and software restrictions limit functionality to read only.

General Electric

Write Enabled

Write Enabled Visor systems offer full system access to remote Power Conversion Engineers allowing them to make software modifications and remotely control plant equipment as if they were on site. Access to these Visor boxes is controlled by a dedicated user access workflow that requires multiple levels of approval before access to the site can be granted.

General Electric

Switchable Read/ Write

A hybrid of the two versions listed above, Switchable Read/ Write by default remains in a read only state, protected by a hardware and software barrier restricting access to read only to remote Engineers. By the push of a button (by the Customer on site) the Visor box is turned into a write enabled system, allow Power Conversion Engineers full system access to make remote changes. As with the dedicated write enabled variant, this is controlled by a user access workflow that requires multiple levels of approval before access to the site can be granted.

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Technical Data

  • Based on RXi 042 Controller

  • 12.1" Touchscreen built into cabinet

  • Provides 2 or 3 firewalls 

  • Marine Version with Filters & ID Dongles Available

  • Optional Choice of Managed/ Fibre Ethernet Switches

  • IP44 Rating 

  • Rated at 55 Deg C ambient with 1 RXi fitted (VCB RXi). When RXi 2 and/or RXi 3 fitted, this reduces to 45 Deg C ambient

  • Cabinet size: 600 mmH x 600 mmW x 350 mmD 

  • Weight = 44 Kg

  • Single 1ph 230Vac Fee
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  • Global Remote Service Support

  • Automatic Alerts for Drives

  • Data Historian

  • Single, Onsite Software

  • Third-party Application Support

  • On-Prem Support for Embedding Power Conversion’s Digital Solutions

  • Switchable Read/Write, Added Security/Functionality
General Electric


  • Support from Remote Experts

  • Remote Assistance with Spare Parts Management

  • Enhanced Upgrade Support

  • Availability of Remote Training

  • Enhanced Remote Technical Support & Engineering

  • Service Agreement Specific Features:
    • Health Reports
    • Automatic Fault Notifications
    • Dashboards

Digital portfolio

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