Maran Gas Maritime’s New LNG Carrier: GE Supports Operational Decarbonization with PTO Shaft Generator

In 2021, GE Power Conversion was awarded a new contract by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) to supply the SeaGreen™ Power Take Off (PTO) system. Incorporating GE’s latest medium voltage Advanced Permanent Magnet Machine (APMM), the hybrid-electric system will be put to work on Maran Gas Maritime’s new LNG carrier.


With the introduction of the next phase of IMO regulations to reduce maritime carbon emissions, transport ships are the focus of the latest energy efficiency requirements. Fleet owners are looking for cost-effective ways to meet regulations within vessels’ space constraints, and demonstrate ESG credentials to stakeholders.

With demands for LNG transportation on the increase to meet global energy demands, the latest gas carrier ships have an opportunity to lead the way in decarbonization initiatives.

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The LNG carrier is due for delivery to Maran, the LNG shipping specialists based in Greece, in 2023 and will be built at Samsung Heavy Industries’ yard in Geoje, South Korea.

GE has a strong position in supplying power and propulsion systems for LNG carriers with references on more than 100 ships, supported by technical expertise, commissioning, and through-life service support.


The SeaGreen™ PTO/PTI system helps ship owners to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and meet environmental standards.

Using excess power from propulsion engines, the PTO shaft generator supplies electric power for on-board ship services, drastically decreasing the need for, and operating hours of auxiliary generators - and their need for maintenance - for additional operational cost savings.

GE’s scope of supply includes two sets of medium voltage APMM shaft generators offering high power density, a compact design and excellent thermal performance, and GE’s proven MV7000 medium voltage pulse width modulation (PWM) active front end frequency converters. GE is responsible for design, engineering, commissioning, training and assistance for sea and gas trials.


GE’s compact, APMM-powered technology will help to provide increased reliability and efficiency, helping to reduce Maran’s operating costs as well as its ship’s fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. PTO is an effective way of incorporating GE’s hybrid electric ship technology where there is limited space, and it will provide electric power to the ship’s on-board network.

Other advantages of GE’s technology include unrestricted operation in the main engine’s operating speed range, reduced noise levels associated with on-board power generation from auxiliary engines, a Power Take In (PTI) ready system, and its in-house machine and drive single-source integrator product.

The ship will join the fleet of next generation LNG carriers for Maran Gas which will be designed to be the lowest emission LNG carriers on the water.