Life cycle management

We help you manage your equipment by keeping you informed about their status and proposing relevant solutions based on their life cycle stage.


GE Power Conversion is committed to:

  • Proactively inform customers of its product and platform life cycle status,
  • Offer Last Time buys and create material reserves,
  • Develop alternate solutions for upgrades and replacements for its customers whenever possible.

GE Power Conversion is requiring all its main suppliers for the same.

Different life cycle phases

Based on the above policy, each product shall be classified as being in one of the five life cycle stages as per below.

General Electric

  • Restricted–Newly developed state of the art product, or customer specific development*.
  • Active–The product is fully released & supported. Product will undergo regular feature enhancements. Component obsolescence & bugs will be addressed*.
  • Limited–Factory production will cease accordingly to the factory plan. Products are no longer the latest technology offering or GE Power Conversion no longer intends to pursue this current generation of the product. Component obsolescence & bugs will be addressed. New solutions and upgrade paths may be developed*.
  • Post-production–Factory production of new units has ceased. Spare parts, customer specific replacement parts & application specific adaptation, upgrades are available & supported. Migration packages (if any) are available. Obsolescence & critical bugs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis*.
  • Obsolete–Factory production of spare parts and upgrades will cease. Remanufactured, exchanged and repair & return (R&R) parts, Customer specific replacements & application specific adaptation, cannot be guaranteed and are subject to component availability. Please contact us to discuss potential services options**.

*Field service, engineering & technical support are available.
** Field service, engineering & technical support are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.


Current Power Electronics product lines and their life cycle status. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any upgrade or replacement solution.


Current Rotating Machines product lines and their life cycle status.