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Full life cycle services for your Automatic Voltage Regulators and motor controls machines controls 

A partner of choice for maintaining your control systems

GE has designed, built and commissioned thousands of electrical generators and motors, including all controls and protections required for these units to perform their duty. At GE, we do not only build the Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), motor controls and protection relays that drive your electrical rotating machine but we also support them throughout the whole product life cycle. Our field experts are best positioned to perform inspections, maintenance and service upgrades with minimal system disruption. As a full-scale OEM with fleet knowledge and deep engineering expertise, we are your partner of choice for inspecting your controls, performing upgrades on them and completing any retrofits or replacements for those who would be nearing end of life

As resilient and precise as current digital technology can be, electrical rotating machine controls and protections (AVR, motor controls & protection relays) need maintenance. Over their lifetime, instrumentation calibration derives, electronic wear evolves, embedded digital memories corrupt, capacitive batteries lose power and dirt & wildlife can nest in the circuits and damage components. A healthy inspection program can avoid or correct such issues, extending the control system lifetime.

With all maintenance activities in place, still digital technology pace of improvement will eventually leave these systems obsolete in comparison to newer technologies. Upgrading, retrofitting or replacing these controls will ensure the rotating machine performs at best output and response levels.

Electrical rotating machine controls inspection program

We will provide you all required insight on your system health and best actions to extend its lifetime:

  • At every minor inspection (every 1-3 years): we will conduct an expert visual inspection for defects or abnormalities, as well as a functional check and overall readings review.
  • At every major inspection (every 4-6 years): on top of minor inspection tasks, we will perform a full functional check of control and trip levels (secondary injection).
  • With each long-term change of rotating machine operating regime or hardware: we will review control and protection set points (and functional check).
  • At the right time based on unit health status, we will recommend you best alternatives for unit upgrade, retrofit or replacement.

Upgrading, retrofitting and replacing

We will give you top value out of your control system:

  • Industry leading digital technology that will maximize unit performance and lower operation costs.
  • Flexible architecture, modern networks and versatile software suites, to simplify operations and integration with plant level controls.
  • Built-in HMI, powerful diagnostics and control simulators to support rapid installation, tuning of settings and staff training.
  • Advanced algorithms and the latest control technology designed to improve performance.
  • Fast installation and start up due to factory customized setup.
  • Product life cycle support with the ability to perform conversions, modernization & upgrades.
  • 24/7 technical support to help resolve issues in the shortest time possible ensuring minimum down time.

Core products

  • EX2100e (GE Gas Power – partnership Jan/2017)
  • DECS-250 (Basler Electric – partnership June/2022)
  • ESP1 motor controls
  • Stat-X-Ator
  • Quad-control
  • Protection relay builds
  • Special application AVR