Engineering Services

Our technological expertise
at your service

With over 180,000 assets delivered over 100 years through 160 different countries, across Marine, Oil and Gas, Power, Solar, Wind and other industries, we design and engineer technical solutions on a very wide portfolio of applications. We respond to problems all over the world, in numerous different business environments, with years long expertise, and we want to put that expertise to your service, providing you a comprehensive portfolio of customized services and solutions across your full process life cycle. Whatever matters most to your assets and process operations, let’s work together to create services solutions tailored to your preferred outcomes.

General Electric

Our experts have the technology and domain experience to address your evolving business needs and unique application challenges. Our consultative approach helps your business planning and defining where to invest and, most importantly, identify how to get the best return on your investment. Our technical consultants’ goal is to deliver expert guidance to minimize your risks with the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your equipment. Through our design engineering office studies, we can help improve business parameters critical to you, such as services cost, efficiency, emissions reduction, availability, reliability, flexibility, predictability, etc.

We will help you navigate your business swings through asset re-rating studies, balance of plant assessments, protection and controls coordination, failure mode analysis and optimization, EHS policies and technical standards compliance, networking and data management, process output optimization, equipment and spare parts interchangeability programs, and so much more!


  • GE engineering design office expertise working for your business
  • Specific solutions for your technical requirements, adapted to your needs, delivered with global system insight
  • Immediate access to any required services resources, both onsite and in our workshops
  • OEM expertise and warranty