Rotating machines replacement and upgrades

Refreshing your synchronous and induction machines

Update your rotating machines with the latest technology

Having supplied the world with electrical rotating machines for well over a century, GE appreciates your equipment was a considerable investment that will eventually come close to its end of life. Through our rotating machines health monitoring services we will be able to determine such aging, keeping it well maintained and replacing critical parts, which will prolong its life even further.

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But what if you want more? Our continuous technological improvements can surpass expectations of your former asset, by partial or total upgrades and replacements. GE can go beyond your expectations by proposing an engineered solution that will update your unit with the latest technology and design enhancements, while maintaining key interfaces. Together we can explore the replacement of one or more assemblies or components of your rotating machine to restore or enhance its working parameters. We can get you more out of your unit and help you recover the investment of renewing your equipment in a shorter cycle.

We will work with you to assess your business imperatives and the best value added we can provide to your system by improving the characteristics of your existing asset. We will analyze how to best integrate such replacement in your working calendar, minimizing downtime and costs associated, well away of the impact of a sudden forced outage due to unplanned events associated to unit aging.

For processes critical to your business, needing full backup to ensure minimum downtime, we can offer you full spare units, 100% compatible with your input & output needs and interference. We can provide you with storage services and readiness to serve vigilance services for those units that are out of service, design such replacements to allow interchangeability within your fleet and support installation and commissioning of such spare units on unplanned events.

We will provide all these services for GE and non-GE rotating machines alike.

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Adding value to your asset

Our new designs can offer higher output, higher efficiency and lower losses than older equipment had. Find below an overview of other typical improvements we might offer you:

Proven & robust insulation system for replacement stators and rewinds
Extended life
Improved Reliability
Low partial discharge
Salient solid pole Laminated rotor Strip or wire wound
Inherently robust
High power density
High efficiency
Field Excitation
Rotating or static, based on customer needs
Extended life & reliability
Retain the footprints
Avoid unnecessary retrofit costs
Heat Exchangers
Air cooled, water cooled or liquid cooled
Increased heat dissipation
Increase reliability
Temp. & Vibration Detectors/system
Monitor Partial Discharge
Trend monitoring helps prevent failures and downtime

Rotor replacement/upgrade

By utilizing the latest technology in rotor replacement, we can aim for higher efficiency, higher active or reactive power rating or different starting requirements. Technology advances over the years have resulted in rotor designs to improve its reliability and longevity. Rotor replacement is a more straightforward option. Using GE’s proven technology, replacement of a rotor can be completed quickly at a planned outage. The bearings can also be renewed or upgraded at that time.

Stator replacement/upgrade

Stators influence highly on overall performance of the rotating machines. The stator and rotor replacements can be combined for added benefits like revised output power, higher efficiency or both. Stator technology enhancements include new insulation systems and cooling, all of which will improve your unit performance, over legacy designs. GE can provide a turn-key stator rewind or a complete stator assembly, to fit your refurbishment or upgrade needs and thus accelerate your return on investment. Onsite stator rewind is also an option.

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Replacing non-electric rotating machine with VSDS powered units

We are not limited to your electrical rotating machine driven processes. We can offer solutions replacing existing fossil fuel powered equipment, increasing your efficiency and lowering your emissions and improving system reliability. See an example of this in our steam/gas turbine replacement section.


  • Planned asset lifecycle renewal, adapted to your business imperatives
  • State of the art GE Power Conversion solution
  • Optimized return of investment
  • Equipment updated to latest industry requirements, technical standards and service practices
  • OEM warranty

Available options

  • Partial major component replacement (rotor/stator/cooling system, etc.)
  • Full unit replacement
  • Fully interchangeable spare units
  • Unit rewind, both onsite or in a workshop (either rotor or stator)
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