Service Program Surveys

Minimizing your maintenance costs

Your challenge

Any unplanned downtime is an expensive event with costs being reported of between $3,000 and $30,000 per hour, average. Good maintenance reduces the risk of an outage, so does keeping an inventory of critical [spare parts]. But at what level and how often are these elements required? Maintenance costs also, so it should ideally be reduced to not more than it’s needed.

Our Solution

GE has designed, built and commissioned thousands of rotating machines. We continue to maintain many of them as part of a planned cycle of maintenance and, when customers have an unplanned outage, we help get them back online as fast as possible. But prevention is better than cure, and so we offer equipment service program surveys to identify potential gaps on our customer maintenance strategy and provide an OEM designed maintenance plan to help avoid these unplanned outages, while optimizing service expenditure. After the service program survey, customers have an OEM designed, fleet knowledge based, best practice rotating machine health monitoring and maintenance strategy, specific to their rotating machines, to minimize downtime and maintenance cost


Our value

We will carry out non-invasive inspection of the system, while the equipment is running, and work with you to understand historic maintenance, environmental conditions, budget constraints, operational constraints, and business imperatives. Our field Service expertise will effectively cover both GE and non-GE equipment. At the end of the service program survey, GE will provide you a detailed report that includes all features required to have an OEM backed maintenance program of your rotating machines, adapted to your business model.

Core service program survey features:

  • Identify safety critical issues - safety critical problems will be brought to your attention immediately and a resolution proposed. GE will provide prioritized dispatch of parts needed to resolve such issues and, if necessary, the Field Service Engineer will remain on site or return to site to supervise the solution;
  • Identify operational critical issues – reductions in performance or critical items affecting reliability will be brought to customer’s attention at the end of the service survey.

After the service program survey, we will recommend:

  • A maintenance plan – based on your specific business constrains and our experience with thousands of similar machines, we will suggest an OEM designed maintenance plan, to help avoid that unwelcome, unplanned outage;
  • Critical spare parts – provide a list of the [spare parts] you should consider holding;
  • Suggest details of obsolete parts that you may wish to plan to replace;
  • Upgrade packages appropriate to your equipment and circumstances.


  • Service program adapted to your business needs
  • Minimized downtime/costs relationship maintenance program
  • OEM backed recommendations
  • Direct access to all required services

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