Rotating machines stator rewinds in situ

Resin rich coil rewinds onsite

Electrical rotating machines are the heart of your critical processes and any failure of the stator winding will lead to unplanned downtime and significantly impact your operations. To reduce the impact of failed or aged stator winding repairs, GE offers the VPI Stator to Resin Rich Coil rewind in situ, helping you to swiftly bring your assets back into operation.

GE has got the expertise to perform this type of rewind on any non-GE electrical rotating machines also.

Critical unplanned events like the failure on a propulsion motor or power plant stator winding will put a process off service for months and have impacts across all your operations. Traditionally the failed unit has to be removed from its location for rewinding the stator, which is both logistically challenging and consumes a significant amount of time and money. However, stator winding failures account for over 60% of recorded unit downtime among industry, for units over 3 kV at stator terminals.

General Electric

Our solution

High quality epoxy resin insulation is applied and consolidated during the Coil manufacturing process, making the coil robust and impervious to moisture and dirt. The individual coils and the fully assembled winding are fully tested, thus guaranteeing the individual dielectric integrity of each coil. The resin rich coils are more reliable than VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnated) and are tested at high voltage to meet or exceed all GE and IEEE standards for quality.

GE engineering team will perform a preliminary study of the existing winding, assessing the characteristics of the rewound unit, to fit the new parameters safely within operation ranges, in any suitable system, providing evidence of the expected outcome after the winding modification, for your approval.

GE’s VPI Stator to Resin Rich Coil replacement is also offered as a pre-engineered solution to allow easy rewind of the stator inside any constrained location. This will reduce various logistic and operational challenges, such as disassembly, removal, reassembly and transportation of the bulky VPI rotating machine to and from the repair yard. Avoiding the various challenges effectively translates into huge savings in both cost and time. The VPI Stator to Resin Rich Rewind is suitable for all Rotating Machines with frame size 630 and above. GE’s global services teams are fully equipped and experienced in undertaking the rewind inside most industrial environments, helping minimize the turnaround time and other associated challenges.

Available options

  • Coil sets can be pre-engineered to support a future rewind outage
  • Coil sets can be pre-manufactured for customer storage until a unit rewind is required
  • GE will provide full engineering and installation services


  • Repair downtime will typically be reduced by over 2 months with an existing winding set onsite, compared to an in-shop rewind and for over 4 months compared to manufacturing a new stator. Without coils present onsite or pre-engineered, downtime will still be typically cut in half over best case in-shop repair scenarios
  • OEM warranty