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Maintaining your units while out of operation

We understand sometimes your business imperatives require to keep a unit out of operation for a prolonged period. Critical operations do need spare units to be stored, ready to go into service at first notice of a fault in the main unit. Rotating machines need care even when at stand still, to ensure they can go into operation at no delay, when required. Metallic components can deform due to weight over time (especially the rotary components) or oxidize and release metallic particles. When they work on friction (bearings), previous phenomena worsen. But also non-metallic components have their resin react with air and lose insulating or amalgamating properties over time. They absorb dirt and humidity, changing their properties and may have animals damaging them.

General Electric

We can support you in maintaining such units out of operation, either at your premises or through our warehousing services. We will help you keep your rotating machines in dry and warm controlled storage environments or properly sealed from elements. We will conduct all required periodic visual inspection on their most critical components, as well as all necessary electrical & mechanical tests and operations, to ensure your electrical rotating machine is ready for service at any moment, without delays and with optimal lifetime expectancy.


  • Your unit ready to go online anytime, without needing any repair or recovery
  • Flexible service offering to meet your business imperatives
  • OEM expertise and warranty

Available offering

  • Onsite inspections and maintenance services for units out of operations
  • Environmental packaging for units under storage
  • GE storage services at our premises