CDC to PECe Upgrades

Extending converter life through control modernization

General Electric

At Power Conversion, we are developing upgrade paths to enable wind energy customers to migrate to the latest RXi based control technology, that can help to increase converter life and reliability. The low-risk CDC to PECe upgrade solution not only simplifies your drive system, but also brings added flexibility for future enhancements and enables digital connectivity.

Modernization to the PECe platform can be a low cost option for replacement of CDC with PECeLite controller. This enables wind farm operators to keep
systems up to date, without the need to undertake a complete system replacement.

PECe provides improved core product security, establishes the foundation for meeting IEC 62443-3-2 Cyber Security requirements and helps ensure robust systems, networks and application protection. The PECe platform is the standard performance drive controller of choice for all Power Conversion’s AC and DC drives, across the LV and MV power range. PECe can deliver
a powerful, rugged and cost-effective configuration which works in stand-alone mode or with existing drive systems, to help meet stringent operational


  • Modern control system with fast network access and enhanced security features,
  • Scalable performance, simplified upgrade process and future-proof modular configuration,
  • based on a range of power stacks, I/O interfaces, and modern COMeCPU modules,
  • Adaptability to new grid code regulation through software,
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics capability via Power Conversion’s Visor solution, enabling remote service support and providing automatic drive trip notification/trip history,
  • Reduced requirement for spares through use of modular control hardware configuration, enabling application for a wide range of drives,
  • Total life cycle care through our global expert network and local presence.