Delta Module Replacement (DMR)

Extending the life of your converter and improving its reliability.

General Electric

Over the last 25 years, Power Conversion has been a reliable provider of Delta modules for industrial drives, wind converters in renewable energy, and marine propulsion applications. In order to consistently assist our customers in these dynamic markets even beyond the Delta product life, we have introduced an advantageous replacement solution.

The LV3 Delta Module Replacement (DMR)* represents a significant advancement, offering a high current density and 3-phase liquid-cooled power module that serves as an effective upgrade to our existing MV3000 Liquid Cooled Delta (LCD) module range. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the LV3 DMR seamlessly integrates as a “Fit, Form and Function” replacement for MV3000 Liquid Cooled Delta (LCD) module range. Compatibility with the MV3000 CDC and PECe control interfaces, identical dimensions to the liquid-cooled DELTA modules, and matching electrical characteristics ensure a smooth transition.

The DMR is available in two current ratings, 850A and 1000A, both at 690V, with the flexibility to achieve larger power ratings by connecting modules of the same rating in parallel. All familiar options and variants from the previous generation power modules remain available, maintaining consistency.

The advantages of the DMR over the DELTA module are manyfold. With a proven operational history dating back to 2018, the DMR is expected to enhance reliability by 40% compared to DELTA modules, thanks to a more robust design. This improvement is driven by leveraging insights from our previous generation modules and an improved cooling concept. It is further impacted by using cutting edge semiconductors with a higher Save Operating Area (SOA) margin in all operating states. An enhanced lamination technique with improved isolation significantly reduce partial discharge issues. The LV3 DMR helps in reduction of losses, leading to improved efficiency and lower cooling requirements.

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  • Proven operational excellence: field-tested since 2018, the LV3 DMR boasts a robust track record,
  • Enhanced reliability: up to 40% improvement in reliability compared to DELTA modules, thanks to an optimized design incorporating practical field experiences and improved materials,
  • Efficiency boost: experience-improved overall system efficiency,
  • Unchanged upgrade process: minimizing downtime as the rest of the system remains unaffected,
  • Minimal re-training requirements: the identical characteristics of the DMR and DELTA module translate to minimal re-training requirements for site personnel, ensuring a seamless transition to the enhanced system,
  • May be combined with CDC to PECe upgrade: This enables wind farm operators to keep systems up to date, without the need to undertake a complete system replacement.