Protective solution for delta module transportation

General Electric

Storage and transportation of delta modules can present challenges as it is time-consuming, involves manual handling and requires special storage
conditions. To safeguard the delta modules and to enable a quick exchange in the event of a failure, we offer a reusable and sustainable delta protection
bag, that will help transportation and lifting of delta modules more easily and quickly.

DELTAsafe is a strong and lightweight multi-function protective bag for lifting and transporting delta modules. It enables technicians to lift the sensitive
equipment safely and securely. It also helps the service teams by transporting the delta modules and protecting them from external damage.


  • Soft case & unique cushioned system
  • Weatherproof
  • Eco friendly


  • Reuseability - DELTAsafe bag is a reusable and sustainable inverter protective system that can help reduce costs and save time. Once the change-over is complete, the faulty product can be put into the DELTAsafe bag and returned to the manufacturer.
  • Ease for transportation - The bag can be easily moved around warehouses and vehicles. It has multiple handles enabling four people to lift and move the product easily. It is also durable for mechanical lifting, such as by forklift or tower crane.
  • Optimized protection - It is a lightweight solution strong enough to provide maximum protection to protect the internal critical components from damage during transportation.