Spare parts and repairs

Genuine OEM spare parts and repairs

General Electric

As a leading OEM, we commit to supporting your MV3000 and ProWind converter installed base, offering genuine spares that can be purchased directly from us, along with expert repair services.

Procuring genuine OEM spare parts:

We ensure all parts supplied are fully compatible and can enable optimization of system reliability or performance (Fit-Form-Function), including obsolescence management.

Getting repairs done by OEM:

A repair requires appropriate special tools and expertise as per specified standards. Failure to follow these standards may increase risk of equipment failure due to lack of expertise, mishandling of tools, or reuse of already damaged components. It is recommended that the repair of your MV3000 drives is carried out by Power Conversion’s experts. We will inspect and thoroughly test returned components and, as far as site and customer information allows, provide the potential root cause of failure.


Why work with OEM on your parts and repairs strategy ?

  • OEM parts are designed to the same high standards as the initial delivered equipment,
  • Only component parts that have been previously tested and confirmed to be in good health, are reused for repairs,
  • You avoid incorrect component selection and mishandling of tools,
  • Installation by unauthorized third-party suppliers may increase risk of failure, can impact your operations and invalidate your electrical drive warranties.