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GE Vernova’s FLEXRESERVOIR Solution

GE Vernova’s FLEXRESERVOIR is a utility-scale energy storage solution that combines GE Vernova's advanced technologies and expertise in plant controls, power electronics, battery management systems, and electrical balance of plant - all backed by GE Vernova's performance guarantees. The solution can be delivered as an EEP (Engineered Equipment Package) or EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) turnkey solution.

System Optimization

Cell to system integration, extracting maximum reliability and performance with safety at its core

Future proved design to accommodate flexible augmentation & changes in battery supply chain

Advanced Grid Integration & Controls

Advanced grid integration controls for challenging interconnects

Black-start and islanded operation

Leverages GE Vernova’s FLEXIQ platform to optimize asset coordination and performance while reducing operating risk

Application flexibility

Adaptive to different markets and application spaces through modular configuration of the GE Vernova’s designed DC Blocks and FLEXINVERTER optimizing system flexibility

AC or DC-coupled, with or without PV optimizer, spanning multiple durations and revenue streams


Safety is at the heart of GE Vernova’s Battery Energy Storage Solutions

From short circuit management and protection, thermal runaway, and system design to industry certifications and testing

System Configuration

The FLEXRESERVOIR can be designed in a power or energy configuration depending on the required application. In an energy configuration, the batteries are used to inject a large amount of power into the grid over a short period of time. The configuration of power or energy is determined by the ratio of inverters to batteries.

Modular Scalable


System Design & Optimization

System Design

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