Empowering European Grid Stability with Microgrids

As gigawatts of new renewable generation are added to meet a rising demand for sustainable energy, we face the new problem of transporting that energy to consumers. Our #powergrids are becoming overloaded, but new power lines are not the only solution. GE Vernova Power Conversion’s #microgrids, together with #digitalization, can enhance the stability of European grids and reduce the need for grid expansion.  Here’s how:

Enhanced resilience. Microgrids are localized energy systems that can operate independently or in conjunction with the main grid. By integrating diverse renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and battery storage, microgrids can provide a cushion against disruptions caused by fluctuations in energy supply. This localized approach helps ensure a consistent power supply, even in the face of grid-wide challenges, such as extreme weather events or cyberattacks. This increased resilience not only safeguards critical infrastructure like ports, airports, military bases, and hospitals, but also enables a smoother transition toward cleaner energy sources.

Balanced supply and demand. European grids often experience imbalances due to variations in renewable energy production. However, the modular nature of microgrids allows for better control over the balance between energy generation and consumption. With their ability to optimize local energy generation, consumption, and storage, microgrids offer high flexibility. By adjusting supply and demand within specific regions, microgrids reduce the strain on centralized power generation and the grid.

Enhanced grid stability. In addition to balancing supply and demand for increased grid stability, microgrids can even support the main grid during peak demand periods through intelligent management and grid interaction. Autonomous microgrid control/EMS systems can utilize the flexibility of microgrids to support grid frequency and voltage, contributing to grid stabilization.

By leveraging advanced technologies and fostering collaboration, Europe can tap into the potential of microgrids to establish a resilient, secure, and sustainable energy future. We can confidently adapt to the changing energy landscape, enhancing grid stability and optimizing investments in grid infrastructure.

Let's work together to harness the power of microgrids and shape a more resilient energy ecosystem for generations to come.  

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Contributor: Dino Ablakovic [email protected] and Olivier Jamart [email protected]