Royal Canadian Navy’s First Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), HMCS Harry DeWolf - Powered by GE

  • The first of six Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) - HMCS Harry DeWolf - has been delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).
  • HMCS Harry DeWolf is the first full-electric power and propulsion ice class patrol vessel for the RCN.
  • The electric propulsion solution delivers efficiency, redundancy and reduced cost-of-ownership; state of the art automation and machinery controls help to reduce crewing requirements.
  • GE leveraged proven technologies to deliver a low risk, robust full-electric propulsion system which is ideally suited to long range operations above the Arctic Circle.

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has taken delivery of HMCS Harry DeWolf, its first full-electric power and propulsion ice class patrol vessel with combat package. GE’s Power Conversion business (NYSE:GE) was the designer and provider of the high-voltage electric power system (HV) and electric propulsion drive trains, with specialist capability for operations in multi-year ice, for the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) Harry DeWolf class of six vessels.

GE’s Integrated Full Electrical Power and Propulsion System (IFEP) for the AOPS vessels includes rugged induction propulsion motors, variable frequency drive converters for propulsion and bow thrusters, engine generators, medium voltage switchboards, distribution and propulsion transformers, bow thruster motor, commissioning, and sea trials support.  GE’s Field Service Engineers were present for this exciting program phase, actively supporting each of the sea trial events and providing training for RCN ship personnel, both on-board and dockside. Power Conversion is standing by to provide in-service system support to meet future requirements of the Royal Canadian Navy.

“GE Power Conversion’s dedicated AOPS team developed a close working relationship with the customer, Irving Shipbuilding Inc., maintaining an open line of communication that was instrumental in meeting this key milestone for the Royal Canadian Navy.”, said Mr. Ron Krivan, AOPS Program Manager for GE Power Conversion.  “Our team will carry the same dynamics with Irving Shipbuilding moving forward in support of construction of AOPS 7 and 8 for the Canadian Coast Guard.”  

Leveraging proven technologies to deliver a low risk solution

For navies around the globe, power and energy are mission enablers. GE’s electric propulsion solution delivers energy efficiency, reduced cost-of-ownership and system redundancy for enhanced vessel operations in Canada’s Arctic waters.

For the full-electric propulsion system, GE leveraged its proven technologies, building on recent experience in providing power and propulsion solutions for naval ice class vessels for South Africa and Chile, as well as other commercial vessels.

GE’s drive train for each of the two propulsion shafts includes GE’s proven MV7000 variable frequency drive which is used in many vessel types around the world as well as in numerous industrial applications.  This large user base ensures ready supply of spares and service support.  Each shaft is directly powered by a slow speed induction motor with optimized design for ice operations, including an ability to deliver high intermittent over-torque at zero and low RPM should the propellers encounter heavy ice loads.  This feature makes the AOPS propulsion solution highly suitable for a variety of other ice class vessels that could operate in the Arctic and Antarctic.

With 9MW of installed nominal power propulsion power, GE’s Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP) system comprises all shipboard electrical power generation and propulsion. Offering high over-torque, the electric propulsion system eliminates the need for propulsion reduction gears, an important factor for ships operating in heavy, multi-year ice conditions.  

Trusted by world navies

Recognizing that navies are demanding more energy amidst space constraints, GE has been developing its full-electric propulsion system for decades. With more than 100 electric and hybrid references with 15 navies globally, GE is the top electric propulsion provider to navies around the world.

Since 2012, GE has been the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the AOPS IFEP including system design and manufacture of key equipment as well as support to installation and commissioning at the build yard, Irving Shipbuilding Inc., in Halifax, Canada.  Work continues apace as the next three AOPS are already under construction.



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