Microgrid solutions for Utility

Renewable energy sources will have a bigger play in the energy mix, making the network more susceptible to variations. GE has the capability to offer end to end turnkey microgrid solutions that can include individual build blocks such as controls and BESS up to full turnkey solutions. We´ve been supporting utilities throughout our entire history and through leveraging multiple GE businesses we provide an even more comprehensive solution.


GE’s microgrid utility solutions can help reducing emissions and decarbonize, enabling renewables, and improving the reliability and resilience of your application.

With the need to integrate multiple energy sources while keeping the grid stable, utilities are facing some challenges.

The demand for energy is constantly increasing. The need to integrate renewable resources is growing. With the growing integration of renewables to the grid, you need greater dispatchability to support network stability and maintain system reliability.

Extreme events like unplanned outages, brown-outs, and blackouts, are increasing—in both frequency and intensity.

You're experiencing reliability challenges as a result of the decentralization of the energy supply, which creates bi-directional power flows. You're installing more distributed generation assets, at an increasingly faster pace. With increased system complexity, you’re realizing a greater need for digitization and enhanced communication capabilities.

GE's microgrid solutions can help meeting your energy demands

Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and configurable to support your specific needs. From a first equipment pilot to a full end-to-end solution, or anywhere in between, we can help bring your utility into a new era of opportunity. Our broad experience lets us better understand your needs as we develop a path to achieve your desired outcome. We bring a complete range of technologies and industry knowledge together to enable cleaner, safer, more competitive, and more efficient operations for your utility.

We can help with providing grid support through ADMS alignment, so you leverage your assets and meet your local goals; Increasing reliability by coupling decentralized controls with local generation; Boosting visibility, resiliency, and dispatchability to support the overall grid; Enabling outcome-based optimal dispatch using GE’s GridNode Microgrid Energy Management System; Deferring your T&D investment by leveraging local distributed energy resources; Increasing the reliability and flexibility of your network management.

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Choosing the right solution for your local power system

GE provides customers with broad techno-economic consulting expertise as it relates to microgrid and DER infrastructure development. Our teams utilize a variety of software programs to help analyzing and optimizing microgrid/DER solutions fit for your unique problem statement. We've been engaged in this specific type of work for the last 5-10 years. Our customers are looking for guidance in developing a low-cost solution to address issues surrounding reliability and resiliency of local power systems. In some instances, they are also looking to decarbonize these power systems with added renewables and/or seeking to establish to revenue sources. We address these challenges using broad industry expertise spanning a range of topic areas.

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We work with our customers to make challenging energy asset decisions, while helping them reduce potential risks. We focus on the planning, design, and operation of interconnected power systems.

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We analyze regulatory and performance requirements. We know: Each project has unique features and intricacies that require specialized analysis and study work.

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This is where GE Energy Consulting can help to make the right decision.