Gem Micro DC drives upgrade

Economical solution for extending the lifespan of your drives

At GE, we support our customers with upgrade programs to keep your system up-to-date with the latest advancement in drive technologies, without undertaking a full-blown replacement.

A critical component of any drive is the controller and GE has devised an upgrade path for the existing controllers installed on older drives to the advanced PECe controller systems which provides more precise control, advanced diagnostics and remote monitoring enablement.

PECe is a compact, powerful, rugged and cost-effective controller that helps the existing drive systems to meet stringent production demands.

Enhancing the operational flexibility: Our Low-risk upgrade approach not only simplifies the system but adds flexibility for any future enhancements.

Reliable & cost-effective upgrade: At GE we understand that the main expenditure of an upgrade are the costs of code conversion, an extensive test and the risks associated with any upgrade if carried out. With the new upgrade solution, drive software can be imported into the new controller with comments.

Advanced diagnostics: GE’s advanced diagnostic capabilities offer insights into your equipment and enable you better follow up drive behaviour by measuring and analysing the condition of your drives on-site.

Remote monitoring & support: Our Visor Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Solutions provide safe and secure access through the Visor Service Portal, enabling secure and real-time remote access 24/7 to log an outage/event.


  • Increased reliability, performance and maintainability
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Improved drive control capabilities
  • Cost-effective and reliable upgrade path