Mini upgrades for ProWind converters

Improved reliability through technological improvements

Technological innovation and improvements are an integral part of new feature introduction of GE Power Conversion products.

We support our customers with modernization and retrofit programs which are a proven and reliable solution for liquid cooled converters.

We also support our customers with the upgrade kit for wind turbine protection which can save maintenance time & costs and can cut the extended downtime to restart or reset and bring the wind turbine back into operation.

ProWind stator contactor upgrade

Wind Turbine Protection

Legacy Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIG) type wind turbines equipped with GE’s ProWind converter systems generate energy to power millions of homes. ProWind frequency converters up to 3.4 MW operate at variable speed so that energy can be obtained over a wide range of wind strengths. In the event of a fault being detected, the ProWind converter system triggers the release of the appropriate main circuit breaker.

To improve converter security and avoid failure of the main circuit breaker due to heavy duty cycles, we offer an upgrade kit and the software modification for your ProWind converters.

Addition of stator line contactors reduces the need of de-energizing and releasing the DFIG main circuit breaker. The contactors ensure that the main circuit breaker will only be released in case of emergencies or a request over a Wind Turbine Plant (WTP) operating system, thereby switching is avoided and protected by the stator line contactor alone. It reduces the amount of switching cycles and greatly extends the useful life of the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB).


  • Cost effective stator contactor upgrade kits.
  • No change in the existing footprint of the power cubicle.
  • Fully tested and certified solution for installation in legacy wind turbines.

Hose retrofit

GE offers a bespoke hose retrofit solution specific to your liquid cooled converters.

GE recommends the replacement of legacy hose systems installed in your liquid cooled converters with the 24°cone connectors comprising of O-ring seal cone and the self-grip nitrile hose system. The new sealing system provides excellent sealing action and long life.

To maintain a safe working environment, GE recommends exchange of hoses every 6 years, ensuring compliance to Environment, health and safety regulations.


  • Functional safety with quick and easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Offers the possibility to exchange power stacks easily by unscrewing tubing nut instead of removing the entire tubing.
  • Preventive exchange saves high repair costs in case of tube aging.