Rotating machines health monitoring

Proactive life cycle planning, minimize maintenance costs & unplanned outages

Since over 100 years ago, we maintain our thousands of rotating machines installed worldwide as part of a planned maintenance routine, from the smallest units to custom made large units, both GE and non-GE. We can help you assess your unit life cycle status and the best service program to maximize your profit out of your asset, minimizing unexpected outages and getting your rotating machines back online steadily when you face any unplanned event.

Maintenance adapted to your needs

Our fully trained and highly experienced field service experts provide you best onsite service support, recommend upgrades to manage obsolescence, add new controls or functionality, and protect your machine against degradation.

GE can assess your maintenance status through our service program surveys, assisting you with our fleet knowledge based maintenance strategy, specific to your equipment, helping you manage your spare parts inventory, minimize service downtime, avoid unplanned outages and reduce costs associated with maintenance.

Based on our OEM expertise and fleet experience, we will outline a calendar of recommended inspections that we can conduct for you, detecting potential failures and recommending preventive measures.

General Electric

Our TIMSA stator health status assessment program will dig deeper on your rotating machine condition, detecting incipient issues early and providing the right recommendations to maximize the lifetime of your rotating machine.

To increase vigilance GE Power Conversion can provide continuous monitoring and connectivity to your rotating machines through our Digital Services solutions: Asset Performance Management and Visor.

GE will provide service for your GE and non-GE machines, as well as for all controls and instrumentation associated, as a single point integral service provider, managing activities through your outages for seamless intervention of multiple skillsets and multidisciplinary solutions.


  • Integral service program adapted to your needs
  • Minimized maintenance costs and downtime
  • GE worldwide fleet experience backed expertise
  • OEM backed warranty
  • Available for both your GE and non-GE rotating machines