GE Power Conversion delivers one of the biggest generators ever produced at its factory in Brazil

The 90-ton equipment will help the clean energy production in Colombia.

GE Power Conversion celebrates the delivery of one of the biggest generators ever produced at its factory, in Campinas (SP). The equipment, which reached the mark of 90-tons, is refrigerated on water-cooled and will be installed at the Incauca SAS sugarcane plant, in the city of Cauca, Colombia.

In the project, GE had a partnership with Cybersteel to provide the complete solution to Incauca. The GE Power Conversion scope includes the delivery of a 60 MW solid pole water-cooled generator, as well as assembly and replacement parts. Cybersteel has the role of integrating GE’s generator with the turbine responsible for generating energy at the Colombian plant. 

 “We are excited to be working with Incauca SAS and Cybersteel to provide a key solution to the energy requirements of the Colombian grid.” Said Rodrigo Elias, Managing Director of Power Conversion, Latin America. “GE has a long history of providing innovative technology to help communities and companies achieve their power needs’’, he recalls.

The Incauca sugarcane mill will now use a proportion of their bagasse harvest to generate power for the Colombian grid. GE’s solid-pole generator, a unique technology in the generator market, will be the largest installed at Incauca. “The equipment has a single-piece rotor, with no screws at the ends of the poles, a characteristic responsible for eliminating, therefore, the risk of screws loosening in operation with extensive damage to the generator and to the operations of the customers”, highlights Elias.

The process of generating energy from sugarcane takes place via the production of steam. Sugarcane bagasse is the fibrous residue that remains after the stalks of the cane are crushed to extract the juice. The bagasse is burned in a boiler that generates steam, and this steam drives a turbine coupled to the GE Power Conversion generator. This generator will help both Incauca and the Colombian network to provide vital energy to the population, in addition to harnessing the residue from sugarcane bagasse for more sustainable use.


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