Microgrid solutions for Data Center

Data centers are not only critical infrastructure, but they also run our worlds critical infrastructure – so keeping them online can be a matter of life and death. Data Centers are thriving to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing operational efficiencies and relying on Renewable Energy.


Power Conversion’s microgrid data center solutions can help lowering carbon emissions, realizing a high availability factor, lowering your blended levelized cost of energy (LCOE), and generating added revenue.

Delivering benefits

The intermittency and variability from renewable energy sources creates hurdles to supporting operations 24/7. It’s difficult to find the best possible solution that will keep this mission critical segment running while also transitioning to a greener, more sustainable, and more efficient infrastructure.

Our solutions will help you meeting your energy demands

Delivering a wide portfolio of products to enable the implementation of a microgrid with renewables and thermal hybrids.

Enabling operation in both grid-connected and islanded mode.

Using Power Conversion's optimization engines to further manage distributed energy resource (DER) assets for economics, sustainability, and reliability while continually maintaining system survivability as a primary objective

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Choosing the right solution for your local power system

Power Conversion provides customers with broad techno-economic consulting expertise as it relates to microgrid and DER infrastructure development. Our teams utilize a variety of software programs to help analyzing and optimizing microgrid/DER solutions fit for your unique problem statement. We've been engaged in this specific type of work for the last 5-10 years. Our customers are looking for guidance in developing a low-cost solution to address issues surrounding reliability and resiliency of local power systems. In some instances, they are also looking to decarbonize these power systems with added renewables and/or seeking to establish to revenue sources. We address these challenges using broad industry expertise spanning a range of topic areas.

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We work with our customers to make challenging energy asset decisions, while helping them reduce potential risks. We focus on the planning, design, and operation of interconnected power systems.

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We analyze regulatory and performance requirements. We know: Each project has unique features and intricacies that require specialized analysis and study work.

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This is where Power Conversion Consulting can help to make the right decision.