Microgrid solutions for Hydrogen

Power Conversion has numerous touchpoints across the clean hydrogen value chain. Our renewable power generation and integrated electrical solutions supported by third-party electrolyzer technology can help you achieve your ESG and decarbonization goals


Power Conversion’s hydrogen microgrid solutions can help create cleaner energy for ports and ships, electrifying your shift to new fuel generation. We are well-positioned to address H2 processes that support carbon neutrality through electrical solutions as well as electrical balance of plant (eBOP) solutions. Our technical and application experience in the energy, power generation, infrastructure, and marine sectors allows us to create system-level solutions that work for you. For systems, we partner with H2 electrolysis and compression process application specialists to deliver the complete solution.

Delivering benefits

With Power Conversion’s wide portfolio of products, solutions, and services we can help deliver an end-to-end energy and electrification solution to safely supply renewable energy to power an electrolyzer—including End-to-end portfolio from generation to production.

Getting to carbon neutrality
Using low-carbon sources of energy to produce hydrogen is essential for a greener future.

Taming the Complexity
Addressing the power, grid, and electrification complexities of clean hydrogen systems requires advanced engineering experience and products.

Reducing costs
Keeping the levelized cost of hydrogen and life-cycle costs down is critical for the adoption of clean hydrogen.

Our solutions will help addressing your challenges

Wind turbine generators and hydro turbines that reliably generate zero-carbon electrons to produce clean hydrogen.

Hybrid solutions that increase the renewable power supply, improving the electrolyzer’s capacity factor. Our hybrid solutions include the design, supply, and servicing of power plants co-locating wind, solar and battery.

Medium and high voltage substation equipment, as well as associated automation, controls, and advanced asset management for efficient power plant operation.

Power conditioning, rectifiers, and balance of plant equipment to power electrolysis systems that are connected to renewable farms that have low-capacity factor.

Hybrid energy Management solutions that control and improve dispatchability and boost efficiency.

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Choosing the right solution for your local power system

Power Conversion provides customers with broad techno-economic consulting expertise as it relates to microgrid and DER infrastructure development. Our teams utilize a variety of software programs to help analyzing and optimizing microgrid/DER solutions fit for your unique problem statement. We've been engaged in this specific type of work for the last 5-10 years. Our customers are looking for guidance in developing a low-cost solution to address issues surrounding reliability and resiliency of local power systems. In some instances, they are also looking to decarbonize these power systems with added renewables and/or seeking to establish to revenue sources. We address these challenges using broad industry expertise spanning a range of topic areas.

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We work with our customers to make challenging energy asset decisions, while helping them reduce potential risks. We focus on the planning, design, and operation of interconnected power systems.

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We analyze regulatory and performance requirements. We know: Each project has unique features and intricacies that require specialized analysis and study work.

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This is where Power Conversion Consulting can help to make the right decision.