Microgrid solutions for Oil & Gas

We simultaneously address process critical, electrical intensive, off-grid, and cyber targeted facilities — bringing the advanced grid technologies needed to accelerate the energy transition in the Oil & Gas industry.


Oil & gas operations require a reliable and secure supply of power to support their continuous operations. Unscheduled power interruptions or disturbances within the electrical system can put undue stress or even failures of the processing equipment, which can lead to millions in lost revenue from production losses or equipment damage. Couple this with the demands to lower operating expenses and achieve corporate sustainability, environmental and social goals, oil & gas operations need solutions to optimize and better manage their electrical supply. GE’s microgrid systems provide the real-time monitoring, controls, coordination and optimization required to balance on-site generation, loads, and the utility grid connection to meet these operational and business objectives.

No matter which are true for you, we address your multi-dimensional challenges simultaneously

With our wide portfolio of products, we can help you implement a microgrid that can operate in both grid-connected or islanded mode. Stability and reliability are key for your operations, you must be able to rely on:

Electrical permanent availability - a permanent load balancing to avoid frequency deviations:

  • Load sharing … direct interactions with your fossil gensets primary regulations
  • Load shedding … dynamic recalculation as your facility’s processes
  • Power quality and renewable sources management … through power electronic devices (HPCi controller, private network, IOs, etc.)

Safety and environmental constraints:

  • Safety … mitigation of blackout risks
  • Environmental constraints … by taking into account the efficiency profiles of your fossil generators and operating them at the best ratio efficiency
  • Note: Your facility can run in islanded mode and µ-Grid tied.

Our approach brings key advantages

Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and configurable to support your specific needs. From a first equipment pilot to a full end-to-end solution, or anywhere in between, we can help bring your facility into a new era of opportunity.

Our broad experience lets us better understand your needs as we develop a path to achieve your desired outcome. We bring a complete range of technologies and industry knowledge together to enable cleaner, safer, more competitive, and more efficient operation for your facility.

Beyond business segments, EMS is currently addressing all islanded microgrids and facilities with critical process operations, for which permanent electrical availability is crucial.

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Choosing the right solution for your local power system

GE provides customers with broad techno-economic consulting expertise as it relates to microgrid and DER infrastructure development. Our teams utilize a variety of software programs to help analyzing and optimizing microgrid/DER solutions fit for your unique problem statement. We’ve been engaged in this specific type of work for the last 5-10 years. Our customers are looking for guidance in developing a low-cost solution to address issues surrounding reliability and resiliency of local power systems. In some instances, they are also looking to decarbonize these power systems with added renewables and/or seeking to establish to revenue sources. We address these challenges using broad industry expertise spanning a range of topic areas.

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We work with our customers to make challenging energy asset decisions, while helping them reduce potential risks. We focus on the planning, design, and operation of interconnected power systems.

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We analyze regulatory and performance requirements. We know: Each project has unique features and intricacies that require specialized analysis and study work.

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This is where GE Energy Consulting can help to make the right decision.